The Truth

Yooo what’s good! I finally got to writing this as my brain’s been putting it off for some reason and thinking how do I start? Then I realised there is no better time to start writing this but now, as overthinking just leads to delaying the process.

Anyway the whole reason of this is for you to get to know me. Now, I would write a big piece buuuuuut it would take up way too much space so Ima cut to the chase. Mmm you like that, little rhyme.

My tracks will speak for themselves and give you a perspective of what’s going on in my head. If you’ve listened to ‘Level Up’ then you have an idea of what circulates through my nugget (head). I believe every human has unlimited potential to become the best versions of themselves as there is an eternal flame which burns deep within all of us waiting for you to harness when you are your true self.

Pursuing your passions and following your bliss. You just have to be willing to go to war with the only person stopping you. YOU. As I aged and started to learn more, the more I realised how much I didn’t know! There’s sooooo much knowledge accessible these days that it blows my mind when people say they’re bored. I mean no one’s perfect, I’m definitely not and never will be but that’s the beauty of life, these are no highs without the lows and no wins without the countless L’s.

All we can do is be better today than we were yesterday. I write this to you as much as I write this to myself. 

  • F#@k what they think but still listen to what they say.
  • Discipline your perceptions and question your thoughts.
  • Be willing to admit you’re wrong even if your ego doesn’t want to.
  • ABOVE ALL STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF and have FAITH within your own abilities. “The power to your mind it is infinite”. YOU GOT THIS!

Well that went on for longer than intended but oh well, you’ve read it now.

Thank you for your time.

I welcome you on my journey and wish you the best on yours.